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Fucking the maid POV part 2

October 22, 2014,  8 mins 40

As the maid enjoys the touch of her rubber gloves on her clit, the man of the house keeps pumping her tight pussy. This is such a horny glove sex scene! After her massive, real orgasm he then spunks all over her PVC uniform and apron. Want to see?

Contains: household gloves, handjob, boy/girl, high heels, cum on apron

Leather glove fitting tease

October 18, 2014,   7 mins 41

Would you like to join Linda for some leather glove fitting? She is such a tease when it comes to gloves. She slowly puts them on and starts touching her sexy body in front of you. Does this turn you on?

Contains: leather gloves, boots, fitting, solo, blonde, masturbation

Dominated and fucked part 1

October 14, 2014,   8 mins 17

Can't get the staff these days! Well not as hot as maid Dunia in her rubber gloves and sexy apron anyways. The ladies of the Manor know just how to train her in to the perfect gloved lesbian slut. Want to see that?

Contains: household gloves, latex gloves, femdom, ebony, girl/girl, apron, stockings, high heels, strap-on, toy

Strict latex nurse

October 10, 2014,   10 mins 01

Latex nurse Tina has one of her patients lined up to give her all the pleasure she craves. With his dildo gas mask on, he can fuck her wet pussy and make her cum before the strict nurse uses it on his ass.

Contains: boots, latex gloves, femdom, medical, anal, toy, masturbation

Classy leather handjob

October 6, 2014,   12 mins 24

I am the Lady of the Glove Mansion, I just love to wear soft black leather gloves and I adore teasing your cock with my gloved hands. Would you like to feel them on your dick whilst looking in to my dark eyes? Shall I stroke you until you cum on my gloves?

Contains: leather gloves, handjob, cum on gloves, high heels, masturbation

Pleasure clinic part 2

October 2, 2014,   8 mins 18

Nurse January relaxes herself at the "Pleasure clinic" and loves to show you how it's done. Are you ready to see her latex gloved hands touching herself all over? She will get you both some relief.

Contains: medical, latex gloves, fitting, solo, masturbation, stockings, boots

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