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Wild for her rubber gloves

November 30, 2015,  8 mins 45

Alexa gets wild and crazy as she uses her blue rubber gloves on her bare skin. Would you like to see this blonde babe having some gloved fun on the bench outdoors?

Contains: blonde, household gloves, solo, masturbation, high heels, outdoors

Gloved Hand Gagging

November 26, 2015,   7 mins 09

Touching my luxurious leather gloves without my permission? Wanking with them? Mistress Fetish Liza is tired of this slave's bad behaviour and decides to teach him a lesson by gagging him with her Burberry gloved hands.

Contains: leather gloves, femdom, boots, breathplay

Handjob Therapy with Nurse Tina

November 22, 2015,   12 mins 19

Feeling a bit stressed? Would you like nurse Tina to help you to unwind? She has the sexiest surgical gloves on and is ready for your handjob therapy. Are you?

Contains: medical, latex gloves, stockings, high heels, handjob, cum on gloves

Sensual leather glove tease

November 18, 2015,   8 mins 09

Follow me in to my bedroom, let me seduce and enchant you with my long leather gloves. My gloved hands touching my long nyloned legs, my lace underwear and my high boots. Just follow my sexy gloves...

Contains: leather gloves, boots, stockings, lingerie, solo, tease

Soapy rubber handjob

November 14, 2015,   14 mins 05

Sexy Lexie loves her soapy rubber gloves and takes pleasure from doing the dishes, until she notices the guy that has been watching her. It seems he has a glove fetish as well, so she tells him to come closer and starts playing with his cock.

Contains: household gloves, handjob, POV, fitting, high heels, cum on gloves

Wife's Revenge Therapy

November 10, 2015,   9 mins 10

Brought in by his wife who got tired of his excessive wanking, this guy better brace himself for the therapy. The nurse snaps her surgical gloves and strokes her strap-on cock, this can only mean one thing...

Contains: medical, anal, strap-on, femdom, latex gloves, chastity, stockings, high heels

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