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Latex gloves jerk-off countdown

June 29, 2016,  10 mins 06

The look and touch of long, latex gloves make you weak? Miss Yasmin knows about your fetish and she loves to tease you with her gloved hands. Would you like to be her glove slave and follow her masturbation instruction?

Contains: latex gloves, solo, JOI, boots, dungeon, femdom, masturbation

Leather loving girlfriends part 1

June 25, 2016,   7 mins 19

Lexie and I sure love our leather and leather gloves. We meet up in the dungeon for a sexy, girly glove play. We simply have to taste our gloves and feel them on our pussies. We even help each other to masturbate and cum.

Contains: leather gloves, fitting, boots, girl/girl, redhead, stockings

Chastity sex slave part 2

June 21, 2016,   10 mins 40

Tina loves using her male sex slave for her pleasure and strokes him with her long leather gloves, her lips play with his cock but he won't be allowed to cum. Do you love getting seduced and teased by leather gloved hands as well?

Contains: leather gloves, boots, blowjob, femdom, boy/girl, handjob

Latex maid strap-on fucked part 2

June 17, 2016,   7 mins 47

Sexy latex maid Alexa is gagging to feel Fetish Liza's strap-on deep inside her pussy and her rubber gloves rubbbing her clit. Both girls love to play with their gloves, ensuring they both have a naughty and kinky fuck.

Contains: : household gloves, girl/girl, strap-on, blonde, latex, pantyhose, high heels

Milked rubber addict

June 13, 2016,   11 mins 03

Imagine you were having a drink in a bar and afterwards you find yourself in a cellar with a rubber nurse standing in front of you...That's what happened to this guy, who is now going to be totally controlled and turned in to a rubber addict. Her latex gloves will do all the work...

Contains: medical, latex gloves, high heels, pantyhose, HOM, handjob, cum on gloves

Seduced by our leather gloves

June 9, 2016,   10 mins 27

Why don't you come a bit closer, Coco and I are wearing some very sexy leather gloves for you. Can you see the details and all that soft leather? Is it turning you on, seeing us play with our gloves and rubbing ourselves through our black pantyhoses?

Contains: leather gloves, boots, pantyhose, girl/girl, tease, high heels

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