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Slave to our leather gloves

January 6, 2015,   19 mins 53

Feeling weak upon the sight of two gorgeous Dommes wearing leather gloves? Is our touch getting you hard? Don't be shy, we can feel your hard-on in our hands and under our heels. Nikki and I love to play with glove subs until they explode.

Contains: leather gloves, femdom, handjob, stockings, high heels, lingerie, blonde, big boobs, cum on gloves

Squirting maid's handjob

January 30, 2015,  12 mins 46

Oh my god! This you have to see! Maid Tina gets herself and the guy so horny, she squirts in his face as she cums! He is literally covered in her pussy juices before the kinky girl makes him cum with her natural rubber gloves.

Contains: boots, squirting, household gloves, blowjob, handjob, cum on gloves, fitting

Gloved Goddess Misha

January 26, 2015,   9 mins 29

Come closer and admire gloved Goddess Misha. Her black latex gloves look so hot, her tight shiny dress fits her perfectly. Kneel as she teases your cock and pleasures herself with her gloved hands right in front of you.

Contains: latex gloves, solo, masturbation, high heels, fitting

Full medical lesbian exam part 1

January 22, 2015,   8 mins 57

Nurses Nikki and Liza are ready to glove up and fit their surgical masks. There will be a full medical exam today and it is going to get a wet one. Are you ready to see these two hot latex nurses in action?

Contains: latex gloves, fitting, masks, blonde, femdom, stockings, high heels, medical, girl/girl

Cum on Linda's leather gloves

January 18, 2015,   9 mins 20

Short, black leather gloves turn you on? What about the ones Linda is wearing? Would you like to see those wrapped around your hard cock? Would you like to spunk all over her gloved hands?

Contains: blonde, leather gloves, handjob, cum on gloves, boots

Rubber gloved lesbians part 2

January 14, 2015,   8 mins 09

Who knew two pairs of rubber gloves could cause such horny fun?! Candy and Misha get their gloved hands soaking wet and want you to join in for a hot glove sex threesome. Are you up for it?

Contains: household gloves, girl/girl, blonde, big boobs, high heels

Medical guinea pig part 2

January 10, 2015,   12 mins 24

At the doctor's mercy and totally weak for her sexy latex gloves, this male guinea pig gets poked, stuffed and jerked off. All by the skilfull hands of Fetish Liza who knows exactly how to use her gloved hands on her glove sub.

Contains: latex gloves, medical, boots, stockings, dungeon, femdom, anal, toy, handjob, cumshot, mask

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