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Fucking the maid POV part 1

September 16, 2014,  8 mins 44

Are you peeking at me whilst I clean up the bedroom? I forgot something, not sure what, maybe my panties? Anyways, all this hard work has make me hungry, hungry for my rubber gloves and your cock. Are you ready to give this maid a good time?

Contains: household gloves, boy/girl, high heels, masturbation, handjob

Sexy dentist training part 2

September 12, 2014,   9 mins 42

Sexy trainee Daniella and dentist Angel love their tight, surgical gloves SO much. Would you like to see them having some lesbian gloved fun in the office? Making their gloved hands so wet with their mouths and horny pussies?

Contains: medical, dentist, blonde, girl/girl, high heels, stockings, latex gloves

Horny handjob class part 2

September 8, 2014,   7 mins 14

Slave girl Erika clearly adores her role as "handjob slut". She strokes my sub's hard cock with so much affection and dedication. Her leather gloved hands slide up and down his shaft as I give her instructions. She must make him cum on her gloves and then rub the spunk out all over her tits. Are you ready to cum as well?

Contains: leather gloves, handjob, slave girl, cum on gloves, blonde, boots, dungeon, pantyhose, femdom

Latex glove addicted nympho

September 4, 2014,   8 mins 42

Patient Misha has been locked in her straightjacket for too much wanking but her latex glove addiction is so strong that she manages to untie herself. With no wardens around, she immediately wants to taste and feel her rubber gloves again. They make her SO horny!

Contains: solo, masturbation, latex gloves, medical

Triple latex lesbians

August 31, 2014,   12 mins 56

Alison is a bit cheeky today and the lady of the house finds it time to straighten her out. She instructs her to fuck the new maid, a real hottie. Whilst both girls indulge in steamy lesbian sex, the Lady watches and masturbates to the horny scene in front of her. So many latex gloved hands, a real "must" stroke to.

Contains: latex gloves, boots, stockings, girl/girl, big boobs, high heels, femdom

Classy MILF masturbates

August 27, 2014,   10 mins 38

Do you like classy ladies wearing lots of leather and tight leather gloves? MILF Red is ready for you, she gladly slips in to her gloves, it turns her on SO much when you watch her pleasuring herself. Are you ready to join this real fetish lover?

Contains: MILF, mature, redhead, big boobs, solo, masturbation, leather gloves, stockings, high heels, toy, fitting

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