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Sucked by the cleaners

August 2, 2015,   14 mins 32

Imagine you have two sexy cleaners like Nikki and Anina. They run around the house with their rubber gloves and wellies on. Fully knowing how much you like this and how hard it makes you. Imagine they tease you and finally make the move...

Contains: blonde, blowjob, handjob, outdoors, household gloves, boots, girl/girl, cum on gloves

Gloved Goddess Worship

July 29, 2015,  6 mins 31

Are you weak for gloves? Leather or latex ones? Or both? Would you like to smell and worship our gloved hands, you glove slut? Goddess Maya Liyer and I will instruct you to do so.

Contains: latex gloves, leather gloves, fitting, femdom, high heels, POV

Masked double handjob

July 25, 2015,   13 mins 57

Oh wow, look at your cock! It seems to get harder and harder as nurse Lexie and I prepare ourselves in front of you. Do our surgical masks and gloves turn you on? If so, then we will have to take a closer look and do something about your erection.

Contains: masks, medical, latex gloves, fitting, handjob, stockings, high heels, cum on gloves

Outdoors Rubber Masturbation

July 21, 2015,   8 mins 51

It's a perfect day to relax and orgasm with a pair of rubber gloves. Coco is enjoying the ones that have been kindly sent to us by one of the Glovemansion fans. Would you like to see this hot babe in action?

Contains: outdoors, solo, masturbation, household gloves

Gloved spy girl audition part 1

July 16, 2015,   11 mins 49

An exciting day for the new lady spies of the Agency. Angel and daniella are eagerly awaiting the interview and are already admiring each other in their leather gloves and sexy trenchcoats. A bit too much actually as both girls are getting horny and very excited.

Contains: leather gloves, boots, stockings, girl/girl

Squiting latex Mistress part 2

July 13, 2015,   7 mins 15

Mistress Tina is as sharp as a blade and turns her horny sub into her very own personal fucktoy. With her latex gloved fingers firmly on her clit and his dildogag deep in her pussy, it is only a matter of time before she cums hard and squirts.

Contains: latex gloves, femdom, boots, masturbation, tease/denial

Wank with nurse Linda

July 9, 2015,   15 mins 54

Extra long and extra hot. Nurse Linda wants you to wank with her. She slowly puts her white surgical gloves on and spreads herself wide for you. Those gloves feel SO good! Are you ready to see it all?

Contains: solo, masturbation, blonde, medical, latex gloves, boots, fitting

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